Spirit of éireann has been created by people from across our Nation as a solutions-focused think-tank developing a new vision for our people and country.

Spirit of éireann bring solutions to the many issues facing the Irish nation and the Irish people; Irish solutions to our issues rather than ‘solutions’ imposed by the EU/UN, many of which are causing serious problems in themselves. We must take control of our destiny and no longer be led by political and corporate misinformation and deception.

Neither the EU nor the UN will save us. We must tackle these issues at home in Ireland and in our own communities. If the vested interests and parasites on the people and economy, such as the banking monopoly industry and cartels operating in most industries are removed, Ireland can and will prosper. This country has never had true freedom; it has always been captured by a rigged whipped two-party political system, controlled opposition, corporate vested interests, and external forces.

International Banking Professor, Richard Werner, Notes that, “Economic Growth and national income are almost entirely determined by a factor that is decided at home (in Ireland), namely, the amount of bank credit created for productive purposes.” Examples include, Germany, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China.

Together we can bring about change – join/support/help us to bring about these solutions.

We have identified key issues needing immediate attention and for which proven solutions are available.